Woman Crush Wednesday: Viridiana Almanza

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Please join us in celebrating the GrantWatch #WomanCrushWednesday: Viridiana Almanza.

Viridiana is a Coordinator for the Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) Goal Buddy Program, a nonprofit that serves the Omaha Public School District.  

"V's passion for her job is contagious. She is probably the most organized, passionate, caring employee I have had the pleasure of working with. She always went the extra mile and brought snacks and water for the Goal Buddy volunteers." -Karisa Vlaek (nominated V for Women Crush Wednesday)

We had the great pleasure of speaking with Viridiana and learning more about her background as a coach and mentor. 

What do you love about working with Partnership 4 Kids (P4K)?  

What I love most about working at Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) is the hope and inspiration we give to our students. At Partnership 4 Kids, our mission is to “mentor kids for college today, and careers tomorrow,” and we have been able to do this because our staff strongly believes every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. 

One other aspect that I love about P4K is that we work not only with underserved students directly, but also with their families, community volunteers, and school staff. Our hundreds of community volunteers are simply amazing and they always find time to make a difference in these children’s lives and, through them, in our community. As a mentor for P4K myself, I truly value the resources and tools P4K offers to make each group mentoring fun, engaging, and meaningful. 

How did you become involved with Partnership 4 Kids (P4K)?

I started mentoring when I was in high school through Big Brothers Big Sisters. In college, I mentored through Mortar Board, Student Success Services, Honors Program, and other organizations, so I always knew I wanted to work with students. After working at a K-12 school and with immigrant youth, the opportunity came up to apply for an elementary position at P4K. Once hired, I had the opportunity to work at four elementary schools with over 130 volunteers, hundreds of teachers/staff members, and a multitude of diverse families. I LOVED IT!

Have you experienced any hurdles while working with Partnership 4 Kids (P4K)? Please describe one and tell us how you were able to overcome it.

One general hurdle is that sometimes, regardless of all the support we (P4K staff, teachers, and volunteers) give our students, they do not want to be helped or they are not in the right environment to be helped. The students we serve come from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and they all deal with different problems, whether they be academic, social, familial, etc. While our students have different needs, our staff values each individual and tries to provide each child with the support and care they need.

Our job is to make sure that, if we are not able to support them, we connect them to someone that can and will.

Where do you see Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) in 5 years?

I see P4K expanding to other elementary, middle, and high schools along with different colleges. This will give us the opportunity to serve more students and get them “to and through college.” I also see the possibility of P4K expanding into other school districts and even into other cities in the near future. Our mission and vision are just too powerful for our program to just be in one place.

Furthermore, I see more and more of our students graduating from college and having careers coming back to P4K as mentors and volunteers. 

What can Partnership 4 Kids (P4K) gain from an association with GrantWatch.com?

Publicity and funding opportunities.

Sometimes people forget that our state of Nebraska exists. There are nonprofits here that are serving and facing the same battles nonprofits in more recognized cities are facing. We have children that are in need of support and GrantWatch provides a source to discover grants for K-12 students in Nebraska. Our story, the P4K success story, needs to be heard and shared in order to have more funding opportunities. By reporting on the accomplishments of nonprofits, as with this article, GrantWatch is helping us to achieve that goal. 

What benefits can UHelp.com and its free mentorship appointments provide to nonprofits such as Partnership 4 Kids (P4K)? 

UHelp can support P4K’s mission of “mentoring kids for college today, and careers tomorrow” by helping us find potential donors and funding support to ensure the excellent quality of our programs.

Thank you, Karisa Vlasek, for your thoughtful recommendation of this week's chosen Crush.  You have earned a $25 gift card to Starbucks (or Dunkin' Donuts)! Thank you Karisa and thank you Viridiana for paying it forward.

About the Author: Alexandra Gulkin is the Social Media Director for GrantWatch.

How Do We Ensure That Teachers Can Do Their Absolute Best?

School is back in session for many of the warmer locations within the United States. Come September, every school will be hustling and bustling with students and teachers. With each new school year comes another lengthy list of supplies for both the children and their teachers. But as the roster sheets grow, the classroom funding always seems to slow.

With the need for professional development, classroom supplies, updated technology and clever learning projects, how do we ensure that teachers can do their absolute best to provide today’s youth with the knowledge and guidance they need? Grants.

It takes a special person to become a teacher, and GrantWatch wants to ensure that our most talented, patient individuals have the tools they need to do their very best job for our kids. GrantWatch lists a multitude of grants for various educational needs: school supplies, extracurricular activities, tutoring programs, structural renovations, modern technology, STEM curriculums, recreational equipment, creative courses, research projects, etc. 

Find grants for teachers and other educational necessities on GrantWatch.com and have a great school year!

Grants for Teachers

Grants to USA K-12 Educators for Aviation-Themed Classroom Projects

Grants of $250 to USA K-12 public, private, and charter school teachers for projects that incorporate aviation and aerospace topics into the normal curriculum.

Deadline: 8/31/17

Grants to USA K-12 Teachers to Bring Computer Science, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship Projects to the Classroom

Grants of up to $1,000 to USA K-12 teachers to bring the funding source's innovative computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship projects to their classrooms. 

Deadline: 09/05/17 11:59 PM PT

Awards to USA K-12 Teachers for Creative Literacy Programs

Awards of up to $10,000 to USA public school K-12 teachers to recognize innovative projects that advance literacy and encourage students to become lifelong readers. 

Deadline: 9/15/17

Grants to USA K-12 Teachers and Administrators in Multiple States for Projects in STEM, Environment, and Literacy

Grants ranging from $100 and $500 to USA teachers or school administrators in multiple states for projects that will support teachers and schools serving grades K-12 in eligible communities. 

Deadline: 10/01/17

Grants to USA and Canada Researchers for Social, Behavioral, Psychological, and Public Health Studies

Grants of up to $20,000 to USA and Canada faculty members at institutions of higher education, individuals affiliated with human service organizations, and post-doctoral students for research that seeks solutions to a range of social issues. 

Deadline: 11/01/17 5:00 PM EST Receipt

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a Copy Editor for GrantWatch

GrantWatch CEO Libby Hikind to Speak at NYC Business Conference & Expo

GrantWatch Founder & CEO Libby Hikind has officially marked her calendar for September 15, 2017 with “NYC Business Conference & Expo.” The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce are hosting the exhibition at the New York Hilton Midtown from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on September 15. The conference will be held from 9:45 AM to 1:15 PM. 

Why is this event on Libby’s calendar? The conference will feature several successful business owners and trainers and a panel of women to empower women. Ms. Hikind will share the platform of the Women in the Workforce panel with two other successful women, Rachel Van Tosh and Rebecca Harary.

To meet Libby Hikind, Founder & CEO of GrantWatch, UHelp, GrantWriterTeam, MWBEzoneGrantNews, and other successful business leaders, register for the expo online. Admission is free!

Attend stimulating workshops such as “How to Grow Your Business with Google" led by David Konigsberg, "The Traits of the Top Performers" led by Charlie Harary, "Intellectual Property (IP) 'Crash-Course'" led by Nathan Renov, "Maximize the NEW Linkedin" led by Chaim Shapiro and "Bananas and Business: The Science of Managing and Growing Your Business" led by Dave Rosen with Opening Remarks & Business Q&A led by Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS).

Libby looks forward to seeing you there!

About the Author: Kayli Tomasheski is a Copy Editor for GrantWatch.

Honor Purple Heart Day with Grants for Veterans

Today is Purple Heart Day and GrantWatch is extending its gratitude to our brave veterans! To thank you for your service, we want to help you in and out of the battlefield. GrantWatch offers an ever-expanding database of funding opportunities for individual veterans and nonprofit veteran-assistance programs, and UHelp provides a crowdfunding platform for campaigns and projects without grant-specific qualifications. In recognition of this momentous day, let's take a quick look at some of the facts about Purple Heart Day you may not have heard before. 

Military Merit Badge Beginnings 

The Purple Heart recognizes service members who are wounded in combat. Throughout history, Purple Heart Day has been marked on several different dates. In 2014, the Military Order of the Purple Heart designated August 7 as Purple Heart Day. The first Badge of Military Merit awards were presented by George Washington on August 7, 1782. At this time, Washington was still commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The Badges of Military Merit were presented to Sergeant Daniel Bissell of the 2nd Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line, Sergeant William Brown of the 5th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Line and Sergeant Elijah Churchill of the 2nd Continental Dragoons.

Revolutionary Renaming 

The end of the Revolutionary War marked the beginning of great change throughout the world. One of those changes declared that the Badge of Military Merit was not to be used again. However, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of Washington’s birth in 1932, it was revived under War Department General Order No. 3 From February 22, 1932 forward, the Purple Heart was designated to honor those who are killed or injured during service from April 5, 1917 on.

Willful Design 

The Purple Heart was formally designed in 1928. In 1931, though, an order by General Douglas MacArthur led to its official creation. Elizabeth Will, an Army heraldic specialist, designed the medal as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross, the official Vice Presidential flag and other official government designs. She retired in 1965. 

According to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor, an estimated 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been presented since 1932.

Honor those who have served by donating to veteran-assistance campaigns on UHelp.com or start a program of your own using veteran-serivce grants on GrantWatch.com.  

"Veterans Community" UHelp Crowdfunding Campaign

About 20 veterans commit suicide everyday. On top of this, there are many homeless veterans and those that will live the rest of their lives with physical disabilities. The VA health system can only provide limited support at the best of times. Help us help those that protect our way of life.

Fundraising Goal: $75,000

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Services to Benefit Military Veterans

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations to provide community services to military veterans. 

Deadline: 9/1/17

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Multiple States for Low-Income Housing Projects

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and government agencies in multiple states to improve or create existing housing projects for low-income families from all populations…

Deadline: 9/1/17

About the Author: Staff Writers for GrantWatch


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Woman Crush Wednesday: Stephanie Berman

GrantWatch celebrates Stephanie Berman, President of Carrfour Supportive Housing, and The Home Depot Foundation’s Veteran Housing Grant Program for their award of $400,000 for Carrfour's new Liberty Village project that will offer housing assistance to hundreds of homeless veterans.

Carrfour is the largest nonprofit provider of supportive housing in Florida. Founded in 1993 by the Homeless Committee of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Carrfour has supplied homes for more than 10,000 formerly homeless men, women and children. Ms. Berman became President of Carrfour in 2005 after serving 5 years as Vice President and she has been involved with the development and management of 20 housing communities to date.

Ms. Berman has led the effort in assembling millions of dollars in funding, tax credits and subsidiaries on behalf of Carrfour Supportive Housing. The organization's latest project will bring much-needed affordable housing for hundreds of struggling veterans in South Florida, thanks to support from a $400,000 housing grant from The Home Depot Foundation’s (THDF) Veteran Housing Grants Program.

The $400,000 grant is being used to help fund construction of Liberty Village, a 60-unit project that will provide permanent housing and supportive services for hundreds of formerly homeless veterans and their families. Carrfour’s veteran-focused supportive housing community is located in Miami’s Liberty City neighborhood, where 80% of the apartments are designated for homeless veterans suffering from disabilities. Construction of Liberty Village is currently underway and is expected to be completed in late 2017. 

“We’re extremely appreciative of The Home Depot Foundation’s continued efforts to make a life-changing impact in the lives of thousands of South Florida veteran families. . . . These new dollars will provide Carrfour with the necessary resources to help veterans in our community who suffer from homelessness and put them on the path towards stability.” Stephanie Berman, President and CEO of Carrfour Supportive Housing.

In 2013, Ms. Berman was recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as one of the region’s top “Heavy Hitters in Real Estate” and was presented Miami Today’s award for “Best of Miami for Improving Life in South Florida.” She was also recently named one of the South Florida Business Journal’s “2014 Commercial Real Estate Power Leaders” and she currently serves on the City of Miami Beach Affordable Housing Committee, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce Affordable Housing Committee and the JPMorgan Chase Community Advisory Committee. Ms. Berman earned a Master’s degree in administration, planning and social policy from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University.

As President and CEO of Carrfour Supportive Housing, Stephanie Berman has been addressing Miami’s homelessness challenges for the past 15 years. With Ms. Berman at the helm, Carrfour has been awarded a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to fund Carrfour’s Operation Sacred Trust (OST) initiative, a collaboration of service providers that offers housing assistance and supportive services for homeless veterans and their families in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. With funds from the grant, OST is able to provide thousands of veteran families across South Florida with daily outreach, case management, counseling, healthcare services and third-party payments to sustainably maintain or acquire permanent housing.

We applaud you, Stephanie Berman. Your accomplishments in community service and affordable housing are commendable. Thank you for working to develop and operate 1,742 supportive housing units for more than 3,300 formerly homeless residents and leading the effort to assemble millions of dollars in funding for additional affordable housing units throughout South Florida over the next few years.

In addition to devoting her career to working on behalf of homeless and underserved populations, Stephanie Berman-Eisenberg is a dedicated wife, mother, award-winning real estate leader and hobby photographer. Ms. Berman's life philosophy is "Do what you’re passionate about and always make sure you balance work passion with your family life and all the other things that make you happy." 

"Fundraising is always a challenge. What Carrfour has learned is to be really creative in sources of seeking funding. We’ve always served veterans and that’s an area that there’s a lot of foundation support for right now." -Stephanie Berman

Grants for Veterans, Homeless and Housing on GrantWatch.com 

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Agencies in Multiple States for Low-Income Housing Projects

Grants to USA nonprofit organizations and government agencies in multiple states to improve or create existing housing projects for low-income families from all populations, including new immigrants, mentally or physically disabled individuals, emancipated youth, families headed by a single individual (may be a parent; grandparent; guardian), or veterans. 

Deadline: 09/01/17 4:00 PM ET

Grants to Kittitas County, Washington Local Governments, Nonprofits, Housing Organizations, and For-Profit Developers to Eliminate Homelessness

Grants to Kittitas County, Washington local and tribal governments, local housing authorities, nonprofit community organizations, behavioral health organizations, housing assistance organizations, and for-profit developers for short and long-term programs to eliminate homelessness.

Deadline: 08/16/17 5:00 PM Postmarked or Receipt

Grants to USA Nonprofits for Oral Health to the Needy and Assistance Dogs to Veterans and the Disabled

Grants of up to $60,000 and grants of up to $35,000 to USA nonprofits for programs that provide access to emergency and restorative dental care for individuals in need, and to provide assistance dogs to veterans and individuals with disabilities. 

Deadline: 10/09/17 11:59 PM CST

Grants to USA Disabled Military Veterans or Personnel in Multiple States for Necessary Home Modifications

Grants of up to $7,500 to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas military veterans and active-duty personnel who have been disabled by active military service to help cover necessary home modifications. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be used to modify an existing home, offset construction costs of a newly constructed home, or pay for a third-party inspection. 

Deadline: Ongoing

About the Author: Alexandra Gulkin is the Social Media Director for GrantWatch



Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Program Grants

Our 4.4% unemployment rate is the lowest since 1970, but does that mean we should applaud and sit back on our laurels? According to Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, there are still 6.9 million unemployed US citizens and 6 million vacancies in the job market.

Workforce Development and Apprenticeship Program Grants give unskilled US citizens the necessary tools to enter the workforce, decrease the unemployment rate even more, resolve worker shortages and stimulate the economy.

Because workforce development grants will aid the US economy, President Trump signed an executive order on June 15th that will increase the number of federal and state apprenticeships by doubling the amount of money that the federal government currently spends on the programs, which means more grants will become available for workforce development programs (Inside Hired). While President Trump has been planning the finances of apprenticeship funding, his daughter Ivanka “has been making the rounds on the networks to promote an expansion of these programs to help prepare workers for a changing economy. . . . [and] to promote apprenticeships as a centerpiece of a developing and educated American workforce” (The Hill).

All the publicity and attention these potential apprenticeship programs are receiving will certainly result in an influx of workforce development grants. GrantWatch also sees the value of training programs, which is why we list a wide selection of Workforce Development Grants on our website! We look forward to posting new workforce development grants when they become available.

Workforce Development Grants help veterans, youth, displaced workers and immigrants enter, remain in and advance in the workplace. Grants such as these provide programs for career education and career training, help solve workforce shortages and promote workforce health.

While over 1/3rd of US citizens have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, the overall unemployment rate is 4.4%, and over half of that percentage is made up of citizens with a college degree (US Census Bureau; US Bureau of Labor).

What are Workforce Development Grants?

Federal, State and Local governments as well as unique philanthropists and foundations award workforce development grants to nonprofits and, occasionally, for-profit organizations. These grants provide necessary funding to create programs for career education of different skills, such as leadership and organizational management, and career training in various fields, such as construction and technology. Workforce development funding can be used to create both workforce training programs and apprenticeship programs to create a collection of newly trained, educated workers that have the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the workforce.

What is the difference between apprenticeship programs and workforce training programs?

While apprenticeships are considered workforce training programs, not all workforce training programs are considered apprenticeships, which allow unskilled persons to learn onsite while earning an hourly wage. Both programs teach potential workers specific skills for a variety of career fields, but an apprenticeship is demonstrative of only one way a training program develops.

An apprenticeship typically follows a learn-as-you-earn model and can persist for one to six years, depending on the skill(s) being acquired. Many workforce training programs do not follow this system. Not all training programs are paid, just as not all programs last a full year; some last only a week, a day or an evening. While an apprenticeship is usually comprised of hands-on learning, many programs may take place in a classroom setting.

Workforce training programs prepare individuals to enter the workforce by teaching them useful skills; an apprenticeship program is only one of the many different types of post-education programs.

Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Arts, College Readiness, Workforce, Financial Literacy, Housing, and Active Play for Children

Grants ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to Alabama individual artists for apprenticeships in folk and traditional arts.

Deadline: 09/01/17 5:00 PM (4:45 PM Recommended) Receipt

Grants to USA Nonprofits in Multiple States for Arts, College Readiness, Workforce, Financial Literacy, Housing, and Active Play for Children

Grants to USA nonprofits in multiple states for economic development, neighborhood revitalization, arts and culture, and learning through play. 

Deadline: 08/31/17 – Home Grants Only (Neighborhood Stability and Revitalization)

Grants to USA Nonprofits and Schools for Youth Educational Programs and Job Training in STEM, Literacy, and Environment

Grants ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 to USA nonprofits, public school districts, and private/public elementary and secondary schools for children's and youth education programs, specifically in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the environment, job training, and literacy.

Deadline: 08/01/17

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs in Western States for Sustainable Agricultural Professional Development

Grants of up to $75,000 to USA research institutions, agencies, and IHEs multiple western states and pacific territories for professional development opportunities in the field of sustainable agriculture. 

Deadline: 11/01/17 12:00 PM MDT (Noon) Receipt


About the Author: Lianne Hikind is a staff writer for GrantWatch.


Man Crush Monday: Duvi Honig

It's Man Crush Monday on GrantWatch and we're crushing hard on Duvi Honig, Founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC), Executive Director of Parnassah Network and the Facilitator of the J Biz Expo. Duvi Honig's passion is fueled by the notion that success should yield gratitude to those who have helped make that success possible and, in turn, help others succeed through networking and mentoring. 

The OJC is a global umbrella of businesses of all sizes, bridging the highest echelons of the business and governmental worlds with grassroots entrepreneurs and professionals. The Chamber is comprised of a sophisticated structure of executive and regional committees, and innovative programs. Members and the broader community harness this invaluable network to stimulate economic opportunity and positively affect the public policy of governments around the world.

The Chamber offers partnerships and sponsorships, business referrals, special member services and discounts, networking opportunities, education and training resources, seminars by the Parnassah Network, one-on-one assistance and small business support and makes everyone part of the Chamber's family.

The Parnassah Network is all about empowerment: creating opportunities and giving people the tools that they need to succeed and fulfill their dreams. According to Duvi Honig, the impetus for the Parnassah Network was

“Too many hard working and talented people who should be reaching their goals have to stand on the sidelines and watch others reach their goals while they cannot do so, due to the simple fact that they do not have the opportunities that would enable them to get where they want to go. At Parnassah Network we aim to level the playing field, because everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed.”

Honig founded the J Biz Expo to unite successful businesses from around the globe, helping them achieve even greater success. The Expo is comprised of two key components: a business conference with presentations and workshops by successful speakers and an astounding B2B floor where exhibitors and attendees network face to face. At the 2017 J Biz Expo,

“a highly diverse cross section of the business world – men and women of all backgrounds from all over the world – were talking, showcasing and exchanging information. Relationships were formed, contacts were made and an incalculable number of leads and tips were shared” (matzav.com).

To date, nearly 20,000 people from across the United States and six additional countries took advantage of OJC/Parnassah Network resources and the J Biz Expo – Nationwide Business Networking Event, the world’s largest Jewish community B2B event” (Duvi Honig on LinkedIn).











Duvi was recognized by the White House and, in May 2016, he was honored by a bipartisan group of influential U.S. senators:

“Today, we celebrate Duvi Honig, a man whose dedication to uniting and empowering a community is helping thousands prosper while paying it forward.”

Small business owners often confide in Duvi about their desire to expand, but are hampered by the lack of staff and the prohibitive cost of training. Mr. Honig and the OJC plans to partner with GrantWatch and MWBEzone to identify those much-needed grants to fund B2B community apprenticeship programs in every state in his efforts to create a skilled and qualified workforce. The 30 Days of FREE Marketing Support offered by the UHelp.com crowdfunding platform will complement the Parnassah Networks training and support of nonprofis, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

GrantWatch, MWBEZONE and UHelp’s Founder and CEO, Libby Hikind looks forward to collaborating with the Chamber and the Parnasaah Network.

The OJC currently has a free membership promotion. Sign up at https://www.OJChamber.com. There is also an upcoming expo on September 15th, where you can exhibit your small business. Tables start at $600.

You can meet our Man Crush Monday, Duvi Honig and Libby Hikind, at the OJC NYC Business Conference & Expo on September 15th, 2017.

About the Author: Annalee Scholle is a Staff Writer for MWBEzone


What Is A Grant

Grants are non-repayable funds or goods that provide financial assistance to tax-exempt organizations, small businesses or individuals.  However, grants are more than free cash for an organization or personal endeavor. A grant is an award that is accorded under the conditions that the funding will be used for a specific purpose with unique conditions. Funding sources are looking for organizations and/or individuals that will best use their money to accomplish the goals of their grant program. “A grant award is an investment in positive change” (www.tgci.com).

Who awards grants?

Funders include federal, state and local governments, public and private foundations, corporations and philanthropists. Each funder has their own application with specific eligibility requirements and GrantWatch lists the main eligibility requirements for each grant. The application process varies from funder to funder. Today, most grantors only accept applications directly through their website, which is provided in the GrantWatch listing. Every funding organization has a grant program administrator that can answer questions regarding the organization’s grant program.

When does an organization receive a grant?

The applicant, the organization/individual seeking the grant, must first meet all of the eligibility requirements before starting the application process. The funding source will require a grant proposal that describes the need and outlines exactly where, how and why the funds will be used. Because each grant has a specific purpose, the potential grantee must work diligently to demonstrate why he/she/it should receive the grant award. The grant writer should have a clear understanding of the funder’s purpose for the grant. The essential elements a writer should include in the grant proposal are the history of the organization, a plan for achieving results, a logical, convincing argument for funding the applicant organization’s proposed program and a budget that clearly defines how the funds will be used. 

Grants from federal, state and local governments, public and private foundations, philanthropists and corporations are all listed on GrantWatch.com. When searching our grant listings, you can choose to search grants by the different types of funding sources. 

Federal Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to USA Nonprofits, Agencies, and IHEs for Humanities Projects Serving Public Audiences

Grants to USA nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions for humanities projects benefitting public audiences. 

Deadline: 8/9/17 Receipt (5:00 PM recommended submission)

Grants to USA IHEs, Nonprofits, For-Profits and Agencies for Scientific Conferences Relating to Public Health

Grants to USA and territories IHEs, nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies to support high-quality scientific conferences related to public health. 

Deadline: 8/12/17 5:00 PM (local time of applicant organization) – All types of non-AIDS applications

State Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to Rhode Island Nonprofits to Improve Arts and Cultural Facilities, Museums, and Historic Sites

Grants to Rhode Island nonprofit cultural organizations to renovate, preserve, or improve artistic performing arts centers, museums, cultural art centers, and historic sites.

Deadline: 10/1/17

Grants to California Cities, Counties, and Districts for the Protection of Wildlife and Habitats

Grants to California cities, counties, and park or open-space districts for a broad range of habitat conservation projects. 

Deadline: 10/02/17 5:00 PM (Delivery or Postmark)

Local Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to Arcata, California Nonprofits for Community, Education, Art, History, Recreation, Environment, and Human Services

Grants to Arcata, California nonprofit organizations for programs or services that enhance the local community. 

Deadline: 12/15/17 Postmarked

Grants to Lyon County, Nevada Organizations to Market Tourism Attractions and Events

Grants to Lyon County, Nevada organizations for the promotion of tourism events and attractions that bring people to the county, promote commerce, and generate overnight stays. 

Deadline: 12/01/17

Foundation Grants on GrantWatch.com

Grants to Virginia Nonprofits and Agencies for Water and Land Conservation Programs

Grants to Virginia nonprofits and agencies for specific environmental protection projects that will produce measurable results.

Deadline: 12/01/17 5:00 PM ET Receipt

Grants to Ohio Nonprofits in Eligible Counties for Physical and Mental Health Programming

Grants to Ohio nonprofits in Holmes, Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne Counties for programs that promote the physical and mental health and well-being of local citizens.

Deadline: 12/12/17 4:30 PM

About the Author: Dominique Matalon is a Grant Specialist for GrantWatch.com


Grayson Rogers Meets GrantWatch CEO

Grayson Rogers | GrantWatch Celebrity Sighting 

It's not every day a Country Music Star like Grayson Rogers gets to meet the CEO of the most well-known nonprofit grants website, GrantWatch.com.

Founder and CEO Libby Hikind finally took a day off and set out with friends on July 4th to enjoy the fireworks in West Palm Beach, Florida.  As the fireworks drew to silence, the strum of the strings filled the speakers–Libby delighted in Rogers' stage presence, talent, and energetic beats. In the image here, Libby expresses her gratitude for Rogers' inspiring show, linking the concert to the importance of music education grants for nonprofits and musical artists. Rogers himself was inspired at an early age to explore music, indicating the value of music education, and he welcomed and appreciated Libby's encouragement. 

GrantWatch thanks you, Grayson Rogers! Not only have you added that extra spark to #4thonFlagler, making our favorite CEO's evening complete, but you have inspired millions to follow their own creative dreams. Your community outreach is remarkable motivation for arts and music enthusiasts to explore their options and find ways to tap into their talent potential. With hundreds of Arts & Culture grant listings, GrantWatch is proud to be supporting artistic creativity right alongside you! 

Arts & Culture Grants on GrantWatch

Grants to Houston, Texas Nonprofits for Professional Arts, Music, and Cultural Performances

Grants to Houston, Texas nonprofit organizations for free professional-caliber arts, cultural, theater, and music performances that have broad popular appeal and increase tourism.

Deadline: 7/28/17 Postmarked or Hand-Delivered by 5:30 PM

Grants to USA and Territories Nonprofits to Present Outdoor Music Concert Series in Small and Mid-Sized Towns and Cities

Grants of $25,000 to USA and Territories nonprofit organizations to present free, professional music concert series that are open to the public and that take place in small to mid-sized towns and cities.

Conference Date: 7/18/17

Deadline: 10/2/17 5:00 PM PDT

Grants to Ontario Media Production Companies for Interactive Digital Content

Grants starting at $10,000 and grants starting at $25,000 to Ontario media production companies for the creation of high-quality, interactive digital media content that will positively impact the province’s economy.

Conference Date: 7/10/17

Deadline: 8/28/17 5:00 PM 

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About the Author: Aurora Belle is a Copywriter and Editor for GrantWatch.com